Baby Shower Favors


Baby Shower Favors


There is a lot going on in the above photo!


The construction of these favors just happened one evening as I was wondering how to do a shower favor. I randomly folded the blue washcloth so there was a pocket to slip the soap inside (pinned the cloth with a large safety pin in the back). Used my Cricut for the baby cutouts so it looks like a little bed. The easiest way to wrap them was a plastic treat bag – added forest critters to each one since that is the theme of her nursery).

Used the little clothes pins to hold the baby stroller cutout to the back that says “From her shower to yours”. I wrote this on each of the 50 some favors after searching high and low for the stamp which I can not find online or in store!! The little clothes pins I am hoping will hold up until the shower – several started popping apart so I will bring little pins in case I need them (or maybe I will switch them all out before the day).

A wonderfully fun project and I am hoping everyone enjoys them!!!

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